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Press Release - Judy's Commitment to Children's Health Care

Location: Chicago, IL

Press Release - Judy's Commitment to Children's Health Care

After Blagojevich runs blatantly false ads on Judy's health care plans for kids, Topinka sets the record straight.

Judy's Plan: For all families earning under $100,000 a year, the state will cover health care for every child

CHICAGO - Judy Baar Topinka, the Republican candidate for Governor, today set the record straight on her health care plan for children, in the wake of a Blagojevich ad that blatantly told falsehoods to the public in his TV ads.

"The Governor has intentionally tried to mislead voters. I want to set the record straight," Topinka said. "As Governor, for all families earning under $100,000 a year, we will provide health care coverage for every child."

The Governor has run an ad stating that Topinka would "dismantle" children's health care in Illinois, citing the Chicago Tribune. However, the Tribune never said that. It was the Governor's own spokesperson who used that phrase. The Governor is intentionally misleading the public about Judy's healthcare plan for children.

"As Governor, under my four-year plan, this state will invest more resources in children's health care than ever before. I have always been a supporter of children's healthcare - and as Governor, I will continue to lead the charge to ensure children have access to health care."

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