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AB 606: A New Threat to Parental Rights

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AB 606 A New Threat to Parental Rights

Dear AIPers and other friends,

In the past few years, a massive and growing assault on parental rights has been underway in our California legislature. As we in the Yuba County American Independent Party have warned you previously, three especially bad bills, SB 1437, AB 606 and AB 1056 have been moving rapidly forward with complete disregard for the rights of parents to teach their children social and family values. With each push forward these bills are forcing the bedroom into the classroom and locking the parents out.

Yesterday, the Senate Education Committee voted to send on AB 606, a bill very similar to SB 1437 that we are also opposing. AB 606 will impose more multi-sexual indoctrination on California's public school children. This incredibly bad bill has already passed the CA Assembly and will come before the Senate in the very near future.

It is hard for me to overstate how harmful AB 606 would be if it passes.

It would require all California school districts to take a series of actions to increase awareness and prevent discrimination or harassment of students based on "specified characteristics, including, but not limited to, actual or perceived gender identity and sexual orientation." In other words "perceived gender identity" means that if a child thinks they are another sex other than the sex they are physically born as, then they must be treated legally as if they were their claimed sex and given special legal protection as such.

These actions would include requiring that the school curriculum for all grade levels contain positive messages on such things as homosexuality, bi-sexuality and transgenderism. It also gives the state Superintendent of Education the discretion to withhold state education funds from a school district if he or she does not think the school district was complying with the law.

It does not take much imagination to envision how this bill will be implemented and how quickly homosexual activist groups will haul a school district into court to enforce the most extreme possible interpretation of the requirements of this law. As a result, it is inevitable that the rights of parents to teach their children their own values and perspective on these sexual behaviors and lifestyles will simply be ignored to an even greater extent than now. Your local school board members will have no ability to instill or protect community values other than what the state is mandating.

As we, the parents of this state, work on strengthening academics with our children, our legislature is instead focused on forcing in a new sexual agenda in our schools. In the workforce our children will need to know math and English; but it appears if this damaging bill passes, they will only know the value of transgenderism and other sexual behaviors.

All parents, grandparents and citizens of California who care about the quality of public education in our state must act NOW!

Here are three things you can do:

Send each senator an e-mail opposing AB 606. We make it easy for you to do this with just a click of your mouse through this web site. Click here.
We provide a suggested e-mail message which you can edit as you wish.

Send an e-mail to Governor Schwarzenegger urging him to veto AB 606. Unlike SB 1437, which his staff has indicated he is leaning towards vetoing if it gets through the legislature, there has been no indication of his feelings about AB 606, an equally bad bill. We make it easy to send him an e-mail also with just the click of your mouse. Click here

Help spread the word and encourage others to also take these two actions. The easiest way to do this is to simply forward this alert on to everyone on your list and urge them to also take action. Or, you can use a special feature on our Web site to send them an e-mail from you, with a suggested message you can also edit as you wish, inviting them to come to this Web site. Click here. .
I know that we have been asking you to do a lot in the past couple of months, but I hope you will agree with me that protecting our children is well worth it. We appreciate the many thousands of you who have responded. Legislators have commented on the mountains of e-mails they have received. They are feeling the pressure so I hope that you will keep up the good work

Let's keep the pressure on!


Edward C. Noonan

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