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Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration

At 1150 AM 5/12/2006, Frank Stuempfl wrote

Greetings, Mr Noonan - Candidate/Governor

I would like to know how you are planning to handle the current Illegal immigrant issue. In the last four years the number of day laborers standing near my house has increased from about 15 to more than 60. These Illegals have already bought down the property value in this area in addition; the vast majority of gang activity in Sonoma County is caused by illegals or their children. Schools in Santa Rosa have suffered horribly because of these illegal immigrants. Over 60 hospitals have closed in southern Ca because of the flood of illegal immigrants. The final slap in the face is the voting ballot is now being printed in Spanish. I need to know how you plan on dealing with this very important issue.


Frank Stuempfl

Dear Mr. Stuempfl,

It is time to get tough on the Illegal Immigration problem. I suggest the following

1. Vote out ALL incumbents.

2. Deport ALL illegal ALIENS that come to the attention of the police.

3. Arrest ALL employers of illegals and confiscate the wages.

4. STOP providing welfare and other than absolute EMERGENCY medical services.

5. Cut off ALL federal funding to any college providing services to illegal ALIENS.

6. Reverse the insane policies of telling the police they can't ask for immigration status.

7. Dismantle TSA and use the funding to increase the Border Patrol.

8. Put a BOUNTY on illegal ALIENS. $1,000.00 for everyone turned in to the police. All property owned by illegals would be confiscated cars, homes, furniture, guns, TVs, computers, ANYTHING purchased in the US. The money for the bounty would be paid by the sale of the confiscated personal or business items owned by illegals. It would also pay to deport the illegals IMMEDIATELY back to Mexico or the Central or South American country that they come from.

Any Judge, politician or city or state official that does not adhere to the above must be RECALLED IMMEDIATELY.

Over a period of time you would be surprised just how many illegal ALIENS would be found and deported. If they knew that any citizen could put them under arrest and receive a bounty to have them deported not many illegals would want to return.

The above will be seen as MEAN SPIRITED, but the illegal problem is way out of hand.

If you want to help me get elected to office so I can encourage Californians to get tough on the illegals then please donate at least $20 (or more) to my campaign

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