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Education is the cornerstone of every child's development. This foundation of learning must continue to be built on the local control of schools that empowers parents and school districts to make the best decisions for their children, not the federal government. Bringing accountability, flexibility, and choice to our schools are vital to achieving results in our classrooms.

The status quo arguments made by those who have never taught in our classrooms have only hindered our abilities to reform education. Simply put, the status quo when it comes to public education is unacceptable. We cannot settle for mediocre results from our teachers or from our students.

I recognize the need to have highly qualified teachers in our classrooms. Teachers that do more than just teach students, but those who reach students to help them achieve their potential. To attract these types of teachers and improve teacher retention rates I created the - "Teacher Incentive Fund," which establishes performance-based compensation for teachers who improve student achievement in high-needs schools.

Education is a tool and foundation that everyone deserves an opportunity to attain. The cost of a college education should not be an obstacle for those who want to pursue a higher degree. This past year, I co-sponsored the College 529 Invest in Education Savings for Tomorrow Act. Georgia's 529 plans have allowed thousands of hard-working families to save for their child's education tax-free. Providing this type of opportunity to those who have the desire to attend college is something we must protect.

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