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The only candidate in the 1st US House District dedicated to Liberty!

Hello… Welcome, and thank you for visiting this page. My name is Ken Proctor and I would appreciate the support of your vote November 7th. There are several reasons I'm running for this office, but first and foremost, I'm running because I will do a better job.

Libertarians are not like Democrats or Republicans, who are opposite sides of the same coin. Right now they are fighting for control… control over you… control over your family… control over your property… and control over your earnings. Libertarians like myself and gubernatorial candidate Greg Creswell, are fighting to give that control back to you, where it rightly belongs.

Our country is not where it should be. You may have experienced a foreboding sense that something is going terribly wrong with this country. While the Democrats and Republicans point their hypocritical fingers at one another, they are equally responsible for our current and impending problems.

For the most part, the arrogance of our elected officials blinds them to several rapidly approaching problems that will affect us all. Without change, our hopes for a better future will diminish even more as time goes on, and things will become worse for everyone.

If you personally agree with me and believe your government needs to change, then you personally need to change the way you have been voting. There is only one way for your voice to be truly heard, and that is to vote, and to vote Libertarian!

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