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Press Release - Edwards Announces Candidacy For Congress New Orleans, Louisiana

Location: Unknown

(Aug. 2006)

John Edwards is pleased to announce his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives 110TH Congress representing the 2ndCongressional Districtfor the State of Louisiana. CandidateEdwards announced his candidacy at the GretnaFerry Terminal on the banks of the Mississippi River in the city of Gretna. Candidate Edwards delivered his announcement in front of family, friends, and supporters upon qualifying at the Secretary of State office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Candidate Edwards saidwith conviction, "As we live in a post Katrina era, we must become a laboratory of democracy and innovation. We must restore and create an environment that exemplifies solid middle class values of work, will, family, individual responsibility, and community." Candidate Edwards also laid out his message concerning the vision for New Orleans and the 2nd Congressional District for the State of Louisiana, ‘Moving Louisiana Forward'by putting people first, investing in life-long learning, rewarding work andfamilies, and building a stronger modern 21st century levee system that protects all citizens of Southeast Louisiana. Candidate Edwards, 27, a political newcomer and committed to serve the public, will focus his campaign on education, health care, transportation, quality jobs, developing a more efficient economy, and levee protection.

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