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Back to Basics
No Child Left Behind Act:

The No Child Left Behind Act has resulted in more public relations than a sincere effort to truly educate our kids. This law obtains new mandates that overburden schools and the Bush Administration has failed to sufficiently fund the programs according to the Act. In Congress, I will work hard to support fully funding this program or repeal the Act and endorse funding educational programs which includes Title I, Head Start, and Special Education.

Reduce Class Size and Increase Funding for Teacher Training: My top priority in Congress is to make sure that students have the best educational resources and to provide an environment that is healthy, safe, and clean. Students learn better when they have an easy access to their teachers and I will work tirelessly to insure the balance of the classroom gives every child the proper attention they deserve. In Congress, I will also support measures that encourage recruiting, retaining, and training teachers so they are prepared and equipped for the classroom in the 21st Century.

Access to Higher Education: Education is the greatest source of opportunity for people to obtain. Every person should have the right to receive a higher education and I will work to expand the access, increase the maximum Pell Grant, and to reduce the cost of student loans. I also support the increase of funding projects and grants in science & technology partnering with colleges and universities.

Encourage Life-Long Learning: I will encourage people to continue learning the skills and tools needed to compete in the 21st century. We must increase our support for Adult Education Programs and two-year community colleges which prepares people today for the challenges of tomorrow.

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