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Issue: Poverty

Location: Unknown

Crushing America's 21st Century Plague

The need to eliminate poverty in our nation is more critical today than ever before. Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and our district, and the Bush Administration pretended for years that poverty is inexistent.

Matter of Fact, over thirty - seven million Americans currently live in poverty everyday. In the 2nd Congressional District of Louisiana, poverty is at 28 percent, which ranks among the highest in the nations congressional districts. Nearly 50,000 poor New Orleanians lived in clustered neighborhoods which accounts for 40 percent in excess of poverty for one area. New Orleans is ranked second among the nation's 50 largest cities on the degree to which its poor families are clustered in extremely poor neighborhoods.


Since jobs and the creation of new employment have decreased along with the skyrocket increase in the cost of living, many people are finding it harder to survive. Many working people and working poor must have two jobs to make ends meet to provide the essentials for their families.

Too many in Congress run away from healthy dialogues concerning the poor. I am determined to make poverty one of my biggest priorities to attack.

Through committed public policy we will make a difference in the lives of the poor and all people.

We must consider:

1. Restore Funding to HOPE VI Program
2. Increase Housing Vouchers
3. Increase the amount of Home Ownership
4. Adopt a tangible Homeownership Tax Credit

With a sincere approach of addressing poverty we can give every citizen the American Dream towards the pursuit of happiness and economic mobility.

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