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Issue: Fighting for a Healthy Environment

Location: Unknown

Fighting for a Healthy Environment

I understand the importance of fighting for a healthy environment. We must demand the return of environmental standards aimed at reducing harmful toxins and increasing public awareness. Many of the chronic health conditions that affect our neighbors and friends are made worse when our environment is the victim of neglect.

The preservation of open space, the protection of our parks and coastal wetlands, the dangers of toxic dumps and exposure to asbestos in the workplace will become environmental hot issues in the United States House of Representatives.

Restoring the Landscape of Coastal Louisiana

In the last five decades, Louisiana has lost more than 2,000 square miles of coastal wetlands, marshes, islands, and swamps representing more than 80 percent of any coastal wetland loss in mainland United States. This absence of land affects our fishing, hunting, and recreational ecotourism industries as well as our protection from future hurricanes.

We must fully support funding coastal erosion projects

* Sustain a coastal ecosystem with the functions and values of the national ecosystem
* Restore our coastal wetlands to assure our country's economic success

New Orleans Gone Green
As we continue to rebuild New Orleans and the Metro Area, we have a chance to revitalize our methods of design and construction of buildings. We must commit to conserving energy, water, and improving the quality of air and water.

Going green emphasis:

* Preserving natural vegetation
* Contains non-toxic or recycled-content building materials
* Maintains good indoor air quality
* Use water and energy efficiently
* Conserve natural resources
* Feature natural lighting
* Includes recycling facilities throughout the area
* Includes access to efficient public transportation
* Recycles construction and demolition waste

Benefits of Going "Green" gives home and business owners:

* The capability of reducing operating costs
* Enhance value and profits
* Improve employee productivity
* Encourages a healthier indoor environment
* Opportunity to educate our neighbors, friends, and the public by developing a Sustainable Community

I want to join with citizens to work towards new and innovative solutions for the protection and progress of our environment.


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