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Issue: National Defense

Location: Unknown

National Defense

Our federal government's most important Constitutional duty is to defend America and keep its citizens safe. The federal government has a moral obligation to the men and women of our Armed Services who keep us safe to keep them the best trained, best equipped and best lead military in the world.

Supporting Our Troops - I commend Colorado Congressman Joel Hefley on his efforts to put our military and their families first. These brave Americans sacrifice safety, security and often times the ability to seek higher paying employment in order to defend our nation. We owe them a great deal of gratitude and all the support we can provide. While I am a strong fiscal conservative, I do not think that slashing defense budgets and closing military bases is the best course for keeping our nation secure. We need to continue to invest in transforming our military for the battles of tomorrow and the geopolitical situation we face today.

Iraq - Whether you agree with the rationale for going into Iraq or not, the fact is we are there. We must realize the good that will come of a democratic Iraq and the disastrous consequences if we allow sectarian violence to devastate the nation. We must push the Iraqi government to stand on its own two feet as soon as possible. We must accelerate the training of Iraqi Civil Defense Forces and help in providing stability to the newly elected government. The future of the Middle East largely hangs on our ability to make Iraq a success. We cannot forget that when we are faced with the tragic loss of our brave soldiers.

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