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America, Stop Marginalizing Kansans! Shower Kansans with Information!

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America, Stop Marginalizing Kansans! Shower Kansans with Information!

by John Doll
Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 05:50:06 AM PDT

For too long now, Kansans have been ignored and marginalized by our government, our national media and both political parties. Kansans do care about making America better. Kansans want a good life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. It matters to Kansans that people in our country have enough food to eat, that they can make a living wage, that they have access to healthcare.

Because they have been left out of national debate and discussion, Kansans suffer from a lack of involvement and information. I firmly believe that if Kansans were better informed about how our current Congress is hurting Kansan families, that they would rise in revolt. Kansans are sturdy, willful, and determined people, and as a group, the people of Kansas have big hearts. They need you, the informed and committed citizens of America, to help inform them of what really goes on in Congress and how the antics of our government in Washington adversely effect their lives.

* John Doll's diary :: ::

Please visit our new web site at Send this website address to all that you know and encourage them to reach out to Kansans and to help our campaign to get the word out. Forward our website address to Kansans, and, if you don't know other Kansans, then, ask others to forward our website to Kansans.

We need everybody to help us give our government back to everyday citizens, especially Kansans. Kansans especially need to know how their government no longer serves their interests. Sometimes change can be excruciatingly slow, but strength is in numbers.

We continue ourselves to travel the 69 counties of the First District of Kansas, meeting people, spreading the word. Thursday night we were in a parade in Abilene to celebrate the Central Kansas Free Fair Western Parade. We would like to thank Hank Sanchez and Christie Carl of the Dickerson County Democrats, for setting us up with a fantastic group of volunteers and a vehicle this past Thursday. The arrangements they made in such short notice were very much appreciated.

Friday and Saturday, Janet and I attended the Finney County Fair in Garden City. Saturday morning we participated in the Ellsworth parade with Paula Snyder and her daughter Cherie Sauers, the mayor of the great city of Kannapolis, providing the support team we needed there. Saturday we spent the evening at the Democratic booth at the Finney County Fair.

This week we will be in Hutchinson on Tuesday attending the Reno County Women's Democratic meeting and then meeting with people in Reno County in the afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday we will be in Salina participating in the Tri-Rivers Parade and attending the Tri-Rivers Fair. We hope you have the opportunity to stop by the Democratic booth to visit. Friday, we will be traveling to Montezuma where Mark Applegate (another basketball coach connection) will introduce our campaign to area residents. We will then be at the Democratic booth in Liberal as they celebrate the Seward County Fair. Saturday, we will attend the Finney County Democratic Rally in Garden City. Larry Gates, the Kansas State Democratic Party Chairman, will be the featured speaker.

This is the right time for Kansan citizens to organize and be heard. There has been no better time in history for Americans all over our country to pay attention to Kansans, to give them information, to ask them to rise up and be a part of changing America. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for citizens to band together and bring our government back to the people.

For too long, our government, our priorities and our tax payer money have been controlled by the mega-corporations of the world and the average citizens are being not only ignored but have been given the burden of repaying the seemly endless debt that our government's careless spending has placed upon all of us.

It is vital that ordinary citizens show our strength by becoming unified in fighting corporate greed. Our campaign has set this Saturday as the beginning of the most enthusiastic, strong, and unrelenting sprint to November 7th. With your help, we will fight big money and the corporations - because we believe that the strength of many can overcome the strength of money. We feel it is imperative that the citizens of our great country come together and support the political party that truly serves their best interests.

Our country has got to set a new course. We headed in all the wrong directions right now. Folks, we've got to get our priorities straigtened before any more damage is done to our national treasury, our world reputation, and the precarious economic conditions of our citizens.

We've got to put every shred or our energy and will into giving this country a change to change its misguided direction. I firmly believe that the Democratic Party has the best message, the right plan and the right priorities for America.

We need your help. Please do all you can do. Please be brave, be willful, be determined, give all the energy you can to restore our country with November's election.

Donate money, spread the word, volunteer, speak-out, demand that people listen, write letters to the editors of your local newspapers.

We will win elections in November, including in Kansas, with people power. To do it, we have to harnass as much people power as we possibly can.

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