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The Iraq War is the Wrong War.

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The Iraq War is the Wrong War

by John Doll
Tue Aug 15, 2006 at 07:53:30 AM PDT

As US Congressional Candidate for Kansas District 1, I talk to hundreds of Kansans every week on the campaign trail. When on the road the question that I get asked the most is my opinion of the Iraq War.

For the record, I was against the Iraq War before it started; my opinion hasn't changed. As the horrific war has lingered on we have had well over 2,500 hundred brave American men and women killed in Iraq. Over 15,000 thousand soldiers have been wounded, and some statistics show the true American casualties may total closer to 20,000.

Over 300 Americans have lost their lives due to inadequate body armor. Another concern of our soldiers is our use of Depleted Uranium. Many veterans claim that Depleted Uranium causes (1) leukemia (2) kidney damage (3) Gulf War Syndrome.

Our government policy of "STOP LOSS" makes it so our soldiers may have to serve additional tours after their particular tour is complete.

* John Doll's diary :: ::

Over 1 million servicemen and women have completed one or more tours of duty in Iraq - and many are now beginning their 4th deployment. Thus far, over 141,390 National Guards and reservists have served in this war. The brave men and women of the National Guard and Reserve lack proper training, equipment and receive few benefits when their tour is completed. It is nothing short of a crime how we are treating these fine men and women.

I will address the Iraq War more fully in my diary here later this week. Meanwhile, please read more about my views of the Iraq war here, my views about National Security here, and my views about Honoring our Military here.

This past week was a busy one for our campaign! Tuesday, we were in Hutchinson at the Reno County Democratic Women's Luncheon. Ellen Neufield, President of the organization, and the organization were great hosts.

On Wednesday, we participated in the Tri-Rivers parade. The Salina chapter of young Democrats provided transportation and help on this very warm day. Barbara Shirley, President of the young Democrats and Jullian Hocking, Nolan Sump, Garrett Morris and Cee Ann Wessel were a huge assistance. That night we met a lot of wonderful people at the Saline County fair. Shirley Jacques and the fine Saline Democratic Party were, as always, wonderful hosts.

Thursday morning we visited with students at Brown Mackie College in Salina. This school is wonderful. Ann Knoll the instructor whose class we visited does a marvelous job. We have been to Brown Mackie two times and cannot stress enough how polite and dedicated the administration, faculty, and the students are.

Thursday evening we were back to the County Fair.

Friday we spent the morning with Mark Applegate, Head Basketball Coach, at South Gray High School, taking us around Montezuma to see the people of the community. In the afternoon we were in Sublette where Monte Marlin, Former Head Basketball Coach at Sublette, took as around to meet the good people of Sublette. Friday night we ventured to Liberal, where we attended the Seward County Fair. Dr. Harrington and Olga Cisneros and the rest of the Seward county Democrats have a wonderful and helpful organization.

Saturday evening we attended the Finney County annual pep rally. Lon Wartman, Party Chairman, and many fantastic volunteers for Finney County did a splendid job. The rally's featured speaker was Larry Gates, Kansas Democratic Party Chairman; the turnout was good, the food was great and the message was even better.

If any of you are near Larned, Kansas, this coming Saturday, come and join us at the midnight parade (it actually starts at 8:00 pm in Larned this Saturday!

More details about my 10-Point Plan to Restore America here.

Democratically Yours,
John Doll, Democrat for Congress (Kansas First District)

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