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Kansas is a Blue State, Folks.

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Kansas is a Blue State, Folks.

by John Doll
Fri Sep 08, 2006 at 09:15:21 PM PDT

It is often said that Kansas is a red state and that my district, District 1, is the most red of all. Folks, that definition no longer describes the big 1st District of Kansas. One must consider this - the 2002 gubernatorial race in Kansas. A relatively unknown politician, Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat that believes in affordable healthcare that works for all citizens, ran for Kansas governor.

Not only did Kathleen Sebelius win the majority of votes in Kansas - she also won the majority of votes in my district. Keep in mind, this was at a time when Bush's approval rating was high. I suggest that we view Kansas, and particularly my district, as a typical American district. Not red, not blue - American.

For a jolt in the arm, here's review of what Americans think...

* John Doll's diary :: ::

Regardless of party affiliation, recent polls show that the majority of American people want to change the direction of our country and want to put Democrats in charge of Congress. Americans are fed up with the incompetence, corruption and willful negligence of this current Congress.

August 18-20, 2006, CNN telephone poll, conducted by Opinion Research Company shows:

* The majority of Americans believe Democrats in Congress will do a better job handling the US economy - 52% of adult Americans think that Democrats in Congress will do a better job in dealing with our US economy. A smaller percentage, only 38%, believe that Republicans would do a better job with the economy.

* Most Americans believe Democrats will do a better job dealing with Iraq - 47% of Americans think that Democrats will do a better job dealing with the issues and problems in Iraq, while a smaller number, only 41%, believe that Republicans would.

* Most Americans believe that Bush's invasion of Iraq has made the world LESS safe - 55% of poll respondents said they believe the U.S.-led war in Iraq has made the United States less safe from terrorist attacks, and also 59% said the Iraq war has made the world less safe from terrorism.

August 6-10, 2006, Associated Press/IPSOS poll shows:

* Most Americans disapprove of how George Bush handled Hurricane Katrina - 67% of Americans disapprove of the way George Bush handled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, while only 31% approve.

* Most Americans believe that the Iraq war has made terrorism worse and that Bush's invasion of Iraq has made the United States less safe, not more safe - 60% of Americans believe that because the US has gone to war in Iraq, there will be more terrorism in the United States, while only 31% think that the war in Iraq has reduced terrorism.

August 3-9, 2006, ABC News/Washington Post poll shows:

* Most Americans will now vote for Democrats - 52% of registered voters say if the election were held today they'd support the Democrat in their congressional district. This preference for Democrats is a number that has held steady for nine months running.

* Only about a third of Americans say they want to vote Republicans to Congress now. Only 39% of Americans say that if the congressional election were held today that they'd support a Republican in their congressional district.

* Most Americans will vote to change Congress. Lowest anti-incumbent rate at 55% since 1994 and shows a clear desire on the part of Americans to vote for Democrats with among anti-incumbent voters, nearly two-thirds now supporting Democrats for the House. Almost 66% of those wanting to oust current congressmen and women now say they will vote for the Democratic congressional candidate in their district.

August 2-3, 2006, A CNN poll, conducted by Opinion Research Company shows:

* Registered voters prefer that Democrats win in the election. A higher number of registered voters nationwide say that they will vote for Democrats for Congress. In this poll, Democrats were favored 53% to just 40% who want Republicans, with 7% having no opinion or voting for another party.

July 28-30, 2006, Cook Political Report / RI Strategies poll:

* Americans want Democrats, not Republicans, to get control of Congress. A higher number of registered voters nationwide are now saying that they want Democrats to take over Congress in 2006. The Democrats were favored 49% to just 36% who want Republicans to remain in charge. When participants were asked to think about the election for U.S. Congress in November, regardless of how they might plan to vote in their own district, about which party they would you like to see in control of Congress after the congressional elections in November - Democrats lead Republicans as the party they want in control 49% to 36%.

July 18, 2006, KWCH-TV (Wichita), KCTV-TV, & SurveyUSA poll:

* The majority of Kansans disapprove of the job Bush is doing as President. 23% of Kansas Republicans disapprove of Bush; 74% of all Independents disapprove of Bush; 80% of all Democrats disapprove of Bush; 53% of all Kansas women disapprove of Bush; and, overall, 52% of all Kansans disapprove of the job that Bush is doing as President.

June 24-27, 2006, Bloomberg / Los Angeles Times poll shows:

* Registered voters favor Democrats over Republicans in contests in their congressional districts by 49% to 35%.

* Voters believe Democrats will focus on the right issues. Democrats have opened up a 16-point lead on the question of who is "best equipped to tackle the nation's most urgent challenges.

* Voters think that Democrats will handle the Iraq War and immigration better than Republicans. Democrats lead Republicans, 36% to 32%, on handling the war in Iraq and hold a 34% to 23% advantage on immigration. Asked which
party best represents ``honesty and integrity,'' respondents chose Democrats, 31% to 24%.

* Support for Democrats runs strong in all parts of the U.S., the poll shows. The party registered big advantages in the East and West, traditional strongholds, as well as the Midwest, a demographic analysis indicates. Even in the South, the Republicans' strongest region, Democrats led in the preference to control Congress by 46% to 41%.

* Democrats widen lead over Republicans in battle for Congress. 54% want to see Democrats control Congress, while 34% prefer that Republicans stay in power. This is up from April when Democrats led Republicans 51% to 38%.

June 14, 2006, NBC Nightly News poll shows:

* The highest percentage said that Democrats should be put in charge, when asked who should control Congress after the 2006 elections - 49% Democrats vs. 38% Republicans - an 11 point difference, a slight improvement over April when it was 45% Democrats, 39% Republicans. For several months now, the highest number of Americans have been reporting that they want to put Democrats in control.

* The majority of Americans are displeased with the current Republican-controlled Congress. 23% of those surveyed approved of the job our current Congress was doing while 64% of those surveyed disapproved. When asked about the current Republican-controlled Congress, the majority
are displeased with the job Congress is doing.

* Americans are concerned about the Iraq War. The issue that Americans say is most important to them is the Iraq War, with 53% reporting this as most important. In second place, 32% say that immigration is the most important issue.

* Voters are not confident that Republicans will be successful in Iraq. With regard to the war in Iraq, 38% say they are more confident about success in Iraq and 53% say less confident.

* Voters believe that the Iraq War was not the right decision. When asked was Iraq the right decision, 41% say it was the right decision and 53% say it was not the right decision. 81% of Democrats say it was the wrong decision.

* Most American disapprove of the job Bush is doing. About Bush, only 37% of those surveyed approved of the job George Bush is doing and 58% disapproved. Even 1 out of every Republicans, or 20% of all Republicans disapprove of the job Bush is doing and almost all Democrats disapprove. Only 1 out of every 3 Americans approve of Bush.

March 7-10, 2005, a Gallup poll shows:

* Only 1 out of every 3 Americans actually approve anymore of the job that Congress is doing. Only 37% of Americans gave our current Republican-controlled Congress a high approval rating, down from 45% in February 2005.

* Congress' approval rating is sliding. A total of 53% of voters disapproved of the job our current Congress is doing, an increased percentage of disapproval from 48% in February 2005.

Beginning the last Saturday in September, we will be having our weekly "Doorbelling Events" throughout the 69 counties of the Big First District of Kansas. We invite everyone to join in. We really need help on the ground. Please join us. To learn more about our Doorbelling - please come to our website to learn more - to
Folks, we need volunteers! Give us a call or drop me an e-mail - go to - We are and will be in need of many volunteers especially as the election date grows nearer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my diary. If we can be of any assistance please contact us.

More information about How Our Current Congress is Harming Families here and more details about my 10-Point Plan to Restore America here.

Please contribute to help us give our government back to its rightful owners, the people, where it belongs.

Friends, I look forward to hearing from you.

Democratically Yours,
John Doll, Democrat for Congress (Kansas First District)

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