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Crunch Time - Let's Take the House Back!


Crunch Time - Let's Take the House Back!


Kansans Ask, "What's the Matter With Congress?"

Since we have become a one party system, (after the election of 2000), our average monthly health care premiums have risen from $342 to $603. Annual deductibles have doubled. Today 46 million Americans (including 8.4 million children) have no health insurance, an increase of 6 million since 2006.

Our price of gas has doubled, with the top oil companies earning nearly 25 billion dollars a quarter. Many congressman have pocketed profits.

Our Federal Government has created the biggest budget deficit, debt, and trade imbalance ever while cutting funding for domestic needs like education, Medicare, and agriculture. House Republicans chopped education programs by 14.3 billion dollars, the highest ever. College tuition has increased 34 percent since 2000.

Simply put, the one party system has failed for the middle class people and for the people of the United States. We cannot continue the failed policies of Washington and hold on to the status of the greatest country ever. We need change.

As Congress continues to vote itself wage increases ($20,000 over the last ten years), it has rejected increasing minimum wage unless there is an elimination of estate tax included in the bill. The typical wage earner has seen his earned dollar decrease in buying power each year that the one party system has had control of the Federal Government. The administration claims that our GNP continues to grow and unemployment has remained steady but in reality our economy has been able to maintain because our government continues to throw borrowed money at it.

President Bush's tax cuts favor the rich. About 87 percent of tax benefits go to the 14 percent of households with incomes above $100,000. Households with incomes below $75,000, three quarters of all households, altogether receive a tiny fraction each of just five percent of those cuts.

Since these tax cuts for the wealthy have reduced revenues for the federal government, our states and cities have been forced to substantially raise sales taxes, state income taxes, and property taxes. The result? The middle class now pays more in taxes then it ever has in history. Why? Because the Republican-controlled Congress gave our money away to the smallest handful of the wealthiest few.

We have to stop this degradation of our economy, our jobs, and our respect in the world community.

This November, we must stop it dead in its tracks.

This November we have the opportunity to seize our government back.

I need your help, folks! I am strictly running a grassroots campaign, fueled by volunteerism and helping hands from hundreds of volunteers throughout the 69 counties of the Kansas 1st Congressional District.

Folks, I need your help and I need your votes.

As soon as you get me elected to Congress, I will work to undo the harm that Moran has done. I will right these wrongs. I will serve the people, not the powerful.

Thank you for taking the time to read my diary. More information about How Our Current Congress is Harming Families here and more details about my 10-Point Plan to Restore America here.

Please contribute to help us give our government back to its rightful owners, the people, where it belongs.

Friends, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your support and extra efforts,

John Doll, Democrat for Congress (Kansas First District)

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