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It is Time for a Change

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It is Time for a Change

My name is John Doll, and I am running for Congress because my experience as a father, a teacher, and a businessman tells me that the country is headed in the wrong direction - and that together, we can change it.

The politicians in Washington, DC are out of touch. The special interests and lobbyists have too much power.

It's time to take our country in a different direction.

Instead, I will focus on your priorities: keeping our promises to our veterans, protecting Social Security and pensions, standing up to big oil companies, and making sure that families who work hard and play by the rules get the opportunities they've earned.

* John Doll's diary :: ::

For some time now, I have observed that our needs and priorities have been mostly ignored by our government in Washington. We have all watched with dismay as our current representatives in Congress continually vote to cut essential programs like Medicare, farm programs, student loans and veterans benefits.

At the same time, our legislators have increased the national debt by overspending on no-bid government contracts, the ill-advised occupation of Iraq, and through generous tax-supported gifts to profitable multinational corporations.

Our legislators fully intend to continue to cut programs that benefit everyday, hardworking Kansans while granting favor to mostly out-of-state and international corporations.

If these legislators remain in Congress, there will be just more of the same.

Most Kansans have seen very little increase in personal income - while at the same time they are paying more for ordinary goods and services.

Many thousands of Kansas have inadequate health care, or no health care at all. Those with health insurance know how unaffordable it has become. Prices of essentials like home heating, groceries, tuition, equipment, and gasoline continue to rise.

We have all been impacted by the soaring energy prices that make driving to work overly expensive and farming practically impossible. At the same time, some of our farm programs have been cut, even though the large farming corporations continue to benefit greatly from these programs. We have watched interest rates climb steadily over the past five years.

Our current leaders have contributed to all of these problems.

They have failed to offer fair, competent, or concrete solutions to address the real issues of our great heartland.

We need to remove these professional politicians from our Congress and restore America's government for the people, as our founding fathers intended. It is time to elect a Kansan to Congress who will put the concerns of ordinary Kansans first - above all else, all the time.

We need a representative in Congress that has the courage and independence to hold the Bush Administration accountable and take our country in a new direction.

We can and we will do this together. The very day that you elect me to Congress, I will begin immediately working tirelessly and relentlessly on your behalf.

I will represent you, the people, and not the powerful.

Together - we will bring America back - and we will restore its heart.

I am asking for your confidence and your support.

If you live in my district, I am asking you for your vote.

As soon as you get me elected to Congress, I will work to undo the harm that Jerry Moran has done. I will right these wrongs. I will serve the people, not the powerful.

Thank you for taking the time to read my diary. More information about How Our Current Congress is Harming Families here and more details about my 10-Point Plan to Restore America here.

Please contribute to help us give our government back to its rightful owners, the people, where it belongs.

Friends, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your support and extra efforts,

John Doll, Democrat for Congress (Kansas First District)

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