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John Kerry Responds to Kerry Healey Invoking His Name in Attack Ad

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John Kerry Responds to Kerry Healey Invoking His Name in Attack Ad

Kerry Healy, Republican candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, launched a new advertisement today, referencing John Kerry in her attacks on Democratic candidate Deval Patrick. Below is Kerry's response.

"If Kerry Healey wants to invoke my name in her attack ads against Deval Patrick, then bring it on. Maybe since Mitt Romney has already written off her campaign she has no choice but to quote other Massachusetts elected officials.

The only thing I have in common with Kerry Healey is my name.

I think it's wrong, that rather than protect our fading lead in the biotech industry, the Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey administration played politics with stem cell research and denied hope to so many suffering from disease. I support Deval Patrick because he will remove the barriers to stem cell research and recapture Massachusetts' lead over our competitors in developing the cures of tomorrow.

I think it's wrong that under Kerry Healey and Mitt Romney, Massachusetts has slipped to 47th in state funding for higher education and forty-fifth in job growth. I support Deval Patrick for Governor because he knows Massachusetts shouldn't take a back seat to anyone

I know Kerry Healey's record. I know Deval Patrick's record. This isn't even a close call. Deval Patrick is the right person to lead Massachusetts."

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