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Inhofe Applauds Bush Speech at United Nations

Location: Washington, DC


WASHINGTON-U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) made the following statement in response to the President's speech before the United Nations General Assembly:

"The President's strong presentation today at the United Nations was right on target," Inhofe said. "As we continue to make great progress in the war on terror, now more than ever, it is important that members of the international community stand-by and bolster the efforts of the emerging diplomatic leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"As President Bush stated, there is now a clear line of demarcation separating those who promote peace and those who spread terror. With our accomplishments in Iraq and Afghanistan we must stand united against forces that disseminate terrorism in order to maintain our coalition's positive momentum.

"The threat from weapons of mass destruction proliferation is very real and it was appropriate for the President to address this subject of global significance. We must eliminate terrorist's access to these materials and I firmly believe that with the increasing awareness of the weapons proliferation issue and cooperation from nations who posses these materials, we are making solid progress toward this goal.

"The President's comments regarding the sex-trade, accurately described as slavery, are of great concern to all Americans.
This deplorable black market industry must be eliminated for the protection of all of the world's children. I will work closely with the President and my colleagues here in Washington to ensure that the threat this wretched industry poses to our children is eliminated to the best of our ability.

"From my extensive travels to Western Africa I know firsthand the devastating toll that famine and HIV/AIDS are exacting on the that continent. The President was right to recognize the achievements of the United Nations as they continue to wage war against world hunger and HIV/AIDS."

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