Priority Issues

By:  Willie Carter
Location: Unknown

Issues: I believe as we work together to help all of the people of our nation, we will see the Issues that seem so unattainable, attainable, and with great success. We have by far the largest amount of resources to rebuild the lives of all of the people, bridge the homeless gap through education and other support to help them to become productive citizens. One of the contributing factors to homelessness is the number of persons recently laid off. We, including Cooperate America can work together to put America back to work, without sending our efforts out of the nation. As a former business owner, I realize the importance of maintaining a profit margin to compete in such a diverse market, and also to reward Share Holders: But I also know that if the jobs that are lost in America are not replaced with jobs of equivalent income, the General Revenue of the Nation will decrease, also adding a burden of levying more taxes on those operations or individuals yet contributing. Just as it is so necessary for a business to make the proper adjustments to survive, the Nation also needs to make the proper steps to insure healthy growth.

I certainly do not wish to overburden our businesses across America by any means: But we together must make sacrifices to
move our economy forward, and quickly to avoid more layoffs and business closures.

I will also ask the Labor Unions to make sacrifices to help us to restore our nation's businesses to being profitable, able to rehire with wages commensurate with the standard of living so necessary for our families to survive. Every person rehired is a contributor to the business through labor, and a source of Tax Revenue to help reduce our nation's debt. Balancing the budget requires the participation of every American citizen.

Healthcare: I understand the need to balance the cost of health with the affordability of those paying for that care is very complex, and I hope to adopt a plan that will insure affordable Healthcare and not destroy the profits of those paying for the cost. I have taken note to one bill circulating in the state of California; I believe that it is time to implement one of those plans.

Military: I believe in having a military, second to none, able to protect our interest here and around the world, only committing to clear goals, working with the states around the world to help resolve issues diplomatically, reserving military power as a last resort.

Social Security: I would like to see the Social Security remain intact, not using it for an investment portfolio.

Abortion: I believe that life begins at conception, and will not support on demand abortion. In the case where the life of the mother is at risk, a decision to decide whether she or the infant lives, (life and death matter), she should have the opportunity to decide her fate, or the fate of the unborn child.

Environment: I believe in protecting our environment, and at the same time preserving our economy. We must all come together to save our water, trees, air, and all of the necessary parts of our environment: But we must accomplish it with caution to balance our actions.

Foreign Policy: I believe that one of the greatest tools that we have today to help Foreign Relations is diplomatic dialogue, and if elected to be your President, I will explore every opportunity to resolve conflicts between our nation and other states around the world reserving the use of military force for last resort. I will encourage cooperation between all the states around the world, working to bring to trial those responsible for terror and other hostilities, insuring that it will be impossible for any nation to harbor such activities.

Homeland Security: I believe in protecting our homeland, and at the same time not destroying the freedom by suspecting everyone. We can send a clear message to terrorism by arresting, throughout the world, through strengthening the cooperation of members of the states around the world, to arrest and speedily convict those guilty. With intelligence and cooperation, we can hunt them down, and bring them to trial.

Violence: I will work to curb the endless cycle of violence, through education, and enforcement. I understand that adults and youth perpetrate violence across our nation, a sign of unrest. We seem to have become a violent society, even acted out in the way we respond to each other with hostility, on our freeways, in our homes. Each person is responsible for his or her actions, not the responsibility of the Law enforcement Community, and we can begin by rethinking before acting. Many are feeling depressed because of the slow economy, job losses, and do not really know how to respond to their feelings.
Through education and compassion, we can prevent many of the individuals frustrated with things going on around them from acting in a violent way. A hello, and a smile could save a life.

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