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"Military Tribunal Bill Puts Our Troops at Risk"

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"Military Tribunal Bill Puts Our Troops at Risk"

Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy released the following statement on military tribunal legislation:

"In times of war, our obligation is to protect our nation and to protect those men and women who risk their lives to defend us. This bill fails that duty. By failing to renounce torture, it inflames an already dangerous world and makes for America new enemies in our war against terror. This puts our cause, our people and our troops at greater risk. That is why so many respected military leaders oppose this bill.

I supported the Armed Service Committee bill that while not perfect, preserved our commitment to the Geneva conventions, limited the possibility that detainees would be treated abusively and set up procedures for military tribunals that generally respected the fundamental requirements of fairness. But instead, the bill that has reached the floor would diminish the security and safety of Americans everywhere.

There is no question that the rush to pass this bill —which is the product of secret negotiations with the White House—is about serving a political agenda. That is no way to produce careful and thoughtful legislation on profound issues of national security."

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