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Press Release - Reichert Supports Key Bills to Secure Nation's Borders

Location: Washington, DC

Reichert Supports Key Bills to Secure Nation's Borders
Three bills work to end ‘catch & release' practice, empower local officials and detain criminals

Washington, DC - Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-08), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Science and Technology, this week voted for three major pieces of legislation that will help increase border security. The three bills, which all passed the U.S. House of Representatives, were developed after Chairmen of various House Committees held more than 20 field hearings in the months of July and August to examine the issue of border security and identify ways to improve our nation's current immigration system. Chairman Reichert held a field hearing in Bellingham on issues affecting the Northern Border. The three bills passed by the House were the Immigration Law Enforcement Act, the Border Tunnel Prevention Act, and the Community Protection Act.

"These three bills can make an immediate impact in securing our borders and securing our nation," said Chairman Reichert. "Through increased enforcement efforts along our borders, we have seen a sizeable decrease in the amount of illegal immigrants crossing our borders over the past several months, but there is more work to be done. Too many illegal immigrants are able to cross our borders and too many criminals are able to exploit our immigration laws. By passing these bills, Congress is taking the next important step in ensuring that our nation and its borders are secure."

Congressman Reichert continued, "It is vitally important that we implement immigration reform. This will allow us to focus valuable resources on those we know to be a threat and in this country with the intent to harm, rather than individuals who are here to better their lives and that of their families. We need a policy that strengthens our borders and protects this nation, but that also makes it simpler for good people to become Americans. This Congress has passed many bills to strengthen our borders, which is priority one. The next step is to provide a way for undocumented immigrants to register and become lawful, contributing citizens. There must be penalties for individuals who've violated American immigration laws and for those who employ them. We must also encourage undocumented individuals to "get right" with our government and register."


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