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Statement from John Kerry on Howard Dean's Speech on Elderly Care

Location: Unknown

September  28,  2003

"Despite what Howard Dean would have you believe today, he undeniably supported cutting $270 billion from Medicare - a cut I vigorously fought and a cut that would have had millions of seniors in our country paying more out of their pocket for health care costs.  It was a cut President Clinton said would destroy the Medicare program.  Howard Dean should have known Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party's Medicare cuts were wrong then and he should admit they're wrong now.

"Howard Dean also did not hesitate to put on the chopping block benefits Vermont seniors depended on in when he was Governor.  Just last year, Howard Dean sought to eliminate the help seniors get when they are struggling to pay the high cost of prescription drugs.  As Governor, Dean cut Medicaid money from nursing homes in Vermont, making the state second-worst in reimbursement rates and left Vermont nursing homes short on critical staff for vulnerable seniors.

"Howard Dean has tried to reinvent his record on a lot of issues in this campaign because time after time, on issues such as Medicare and prescription drugs, he is on the wrong side of seniors and working families."

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