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Press Release - Carter Supports Bill To Defend Against Terrorists

Location: Washington, DC


Washington, DC, Sep 29 - Representative John Carter (TX-31) voted in favor of a bill that will help protect our country from future terrorist attacks by making it easier to monitor terrorist communications. The Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act updates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to make it technology neutral in the Internet and cell phone era.

"Updating our surveillance laws is crucial in order to successfully combat 21st century threats," Congressman Carter said. "This critical bill provides essential updates to the original Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which will give our intelligence personnel the ability to monitor the actions of suspected terrorists. The bill also increases congressional oversight of terrorist surveillance and installs other safeguards to ensure that Americans' civil liberties are protected. I will continue to support efforts such as this to strengthen our homeland security by ensuring that our intelligence agencies have the tools necessary to stop terrorist plots before they happen."

H.R. 5825, the Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act, removes excessive bureaucracy and streamlines the process of applying for a FISA warrant. The act establishes specific rules to govern foreign intelligence surveillance in the wake of an attack on the United States to allow the government to respond swiftly to terrorist threats. It also outlines specific rules in the event of an imminent threat against the United States. Finally, the act increases congressional oversight to ensure that Americans' civil liberties are protected.

In multiple polls conducted earlier this year, nearly 70 percent of Americans strongly support the Terrorist Surveillance Program. Further, 65 percent of Americans believe that investigating terrorist threats and protecting Americans is a higher priority than protecting privacy.

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