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Press Release - Carter Hails House Passage Of Critical Border Security Bills

Location: Washington, DC


Washington, DC, Sep 21 - U.S. Congressman John Carter (TX-31) today applauded House action on three bills that will help enhance border security, strengthen law enforcement, and protect our country. The bills that passed the House are the Community Protection Act, the Immigration Law Enforcement Act, and the Border Tunnel Prevention Act. These bills are a result of more than 20 hearings held by the House over the past two months to hear the concerns of the American people and determine the best way to make progress in securing our borders.

"I am pleased to support these important pieces of legislation that will help secure our borders and our nation now," Congressman Carter said. "By giving state, local, and federal enforcement agencies additional resources and authority to properly prosecute and remove alien smugglers and criminal illegal immigrants, we can better protect the American people. The existence of dangerous tunnels like the one discovered this week on the U.S.-Mexico border, highlights the need to criminalize the construction or financing of border tunnels. Passage of these bills is further evidence of Congress's commitment to taking action that will strengthen border security."

More specifically, these bills: focus on detaining dangerous illegal immigrants and enhancing state and local law enforcement authority; provide the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with additional tools to effectively enforce our immigration laws, including ending catch and release and removing illegal immigrant gang members; and take several additional steps to stop illegal entry along the border, including establishing penalties for border tunnels, prosecuting smuggling offenses, and removing criminal illegal immigrants.


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