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Congratulations To Point Comfort Elementary School

Location: Washington, DC

CONGRATULATIONS TO POINT COMFORT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- (Extensions of Remarks - September 29, 2006)


* Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, Point Comfort Elementary School, of the Calhoun County Independent School District, is among the 26 Texas schools that have recently received the Department of Education's prestigious Blue Ribbon Schools award.

* The No Child Left Behind-Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes outstanding public and private schools that are either academically superior or have demonstrated dramatic and consistent gains in student achievement. The Department of Education selects Blue Ribbon Schools based on nominations submitted by the states. My colleagues may be interested to know that every school nominated by Texas received a Blue Ribbon Schools award.

* Schools can be nominated for a Blue Ribbon Schools Award if at least forty percent of their disadvantaged students show dramatic improvement over three years on state tests in reading or English language arts and mathematics. Schools whose student bodies rank in the top ten percent on state tests in reading or English language arts and mathematics may also be nominated for a Blue Ribbon Schools Award.

* In addition to these two criteria, Blue Ribbon Schools must meet Adequate Yearly Progress requirements in reading or English language arts and mathematics, must not have been identified as a ``Persistently Dangerous'' school within the last two years, and must comply with other Department of Education requirements.

* Point Comfort's designation as a Blue Ribbon School is a tribute to the schools' teachers, administrators, and other employees' dedication to providing students with a quality education. It also is a reflection of the students and parents' commitment to the pursuit of educational excellence. I am therefore pleased to offer my congratulations to Point Comfort Elementary School for being one of the 26 Texas schools designated as Blue Ribbon Schools by the Department of Education.

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