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Congressional Candidate Questions Republican Priorities

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Congressional Candidate Questions Republican Priorities

Loebsack calls for change.

Iowa 2nd District Congressional candidate Dave Loebsack issued a statement today questioning Republican priorities in response to a recent New York Times article on wages and productivity in America. While American worker's productivity continues to rise, wages and salaries currently make up the lowest share of the gross domestic product since the government started tracking these measures six decades ago.

"None of this should be surprising. We have national economic policies being driven by people who want to reward the rich for being rich," Loebsack said. "In the meantime, the Bush administration and the Republican-controlled Congress have chosen to ignore the basic needs of hardworking Americans."

Loebsack has received endorsements from sixteen labor organization. Most recently the Executive Committee of Service Employees International Union Local 199 voted at their August meeting to endorse the Congressional candidate. SEIU represents 5,000 health and education workers in the State of Iowa.

President of the SEIU Local 199 Cathy Glasson, RN, explained SEIU's decision to endorse Loebsack.

"The members of SEIU Local 199 believe that Jim Leach's life-time labor voting record of a mere 35% indicates he does not adequately represent the working people of Iowa's 2nd Congressional District. Dave Loebsack offers a positive change, and the Local 199 Executive Board will encourage our members to examine the issues and vote for a new vision in this Congressional district," Glasson said.

Some of Loebsack's other endorsements include the Iowa Federation of Labor, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters statewide, and the American Federation of Teachers.

"Labor Day is a time for honoring the hardworking Americans that make up the backbone of our country and economy," Loebsack said. "In that spirit, I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of SEIU Local 199."

Sunday, Loebsack will attend the UFCW Labor Day Picnic in Ottumwa at Ottumwa Park. On Monday, Loebsack will attend the AFL-CIO Iowa City Labor Day picnic in Upper City Park, and the Cedar Rapids Hawkeye Labor Council Labor Day picnic at Hawkeye Downs Fairgrounds.

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