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Kerry Denounces House Vote for Jim Crow Era Poll Tax

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Kerry Denounces House Vote for Jim Crow Era Poll Tax

Below is a statement from Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) regarding yesterday's vote in the House of Representatives on the Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006. The bill would require voters in federal elections to prove their U.S, citizenship by show picture government-issued photo ID.

"I am deeply troubled by the House of Representative's decision yesterday to endorse a new Jim Crow era poll tax. If Republicans were serious about restoring integrity to the electoral system, they would stop fabricating problems with our election system, and they'd take a crack at the real ones.

There has been no flood of illegal immigrants trying to vote. There is no epidemic of individuals impersonating registered voters. What there is, however, is a shortage of accessible voting machines and polling places. There is a need for voter-verified paper ballots. There are problems with absentee and provisional ballots and purging voter lists.

"These are the real problems threatening our electoral system today. These are the real reasons people are being denied their fundamental right to vote. These are the reasons we need to pass the Count Every Vote Act and fully fund the Help America Vote Act. We have enough to do to restore integrity to our elections. Creating a 21st century poll tax is not the answer—it is just one more problem."

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