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Fogarty: Tuition Hike Exorbitant, Tax Increase for Students, Middle-Class Families

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Fogarty: Tuition Hike Exorbitant, Tax Increase for Students, Middle-Class Families

The Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education again voted to raise tuition at the state's three public colleges. This time by 6%.

Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Fogarty today called the increases exorbitant and a tax on students and their families:

"This increase in tuition is exorbitant, outrageous and is nothing more than an unfair tax increase on our students and their families.

"The General Assembly and Governor Carcieri found room in the budget for a tax cut for the rich, but they found no avenue to help families trying to put their kids through college.

"Rhode Island students are feeling the pinch from the state and federal levels. Under Governor Carcieri tuition rates have increased roughly 35%. Those increases, coupled with the Bush Administration's consistent cuts to student financial aid programs are making the opportunity for higher education in Rhode Island unobtainable for some hard working students.

"The Bush/Carcieri education policies are limiting opportunities for Rhode Island students and making it more difficult for the state to produce a well educated and highly skilled workforce.

"I have proposed a plan that ensures every Rhode Island student with the drive, talent and ability will have the opportunity to receive a higher education. That should be the state's priority."

Under the proposed increase, in-state students at URI would pay $460 more next year, for a total of $8,184 in tuition and fees. At RIC, students would pay $298 more, or $5,256 in tuition and fees. At CCRI, students would pay $160 more, or $2,846.[06]%20News/[3]%20Press%20Releases/2006.09.19&Language=en_us

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