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Press Release - House Unanimously Passes Walden Legislation to Enhance Water Management, Conservation, Agriculture Across Oregon

Location: Washington, DC

House Unanimously Passes Walden Legislation to Enhance Water Management, Conservation, Agriculture Across Oregon
Jackson, Deschutes, Jefferson & Wallowa County Projects Benefit

September 26, 2006 -
Washington, D.C. -

The U.S. House of Representatives on Monday unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Congressman Greg Walden that would enhance dam safety, water delivery, agriculture usage and water conservation efforts throughout central, southern and eastern Oregon. The Oregon Water Resources Management Act of 2006 (H.R. 5079) is a package of four bills previously introduced in the Congress.

"This is great news for the local communities affected, and a big step forward for the responsible stewardship of our precious natural resources in central, southern and eastern Oregon," Walden said. "Water issues are critical throughout Oregon. Whether in Wallowa County where it's the water stored behind a dam in need of repair to protect residents, or in central Oregon where efforts continue for improving the quality and increasing the quantity of water in the Deschutes River for all uses, water plays a central role in our lifestyles and livelihoods. The Oregon Water Resources Management Act will help bring together the federal government and various local entities to improve cooperation when it comes to the management of water for both environmental and agricultural needs."

"At the heart of this legislation is collaboration," Walden said. "In each of the four projects H.R. 5079 was designed to support, we see cooperative efforts between various stakeholders and local and federal governments to solve a variety of problems. These projects work to preserve and restore habitats for fish and wildlife, while protecting the needs of farmers and their communities through water conservation, sale and leasing."

"I worked closely with the local stakeholders involved and Senators Smith and Wyden to develop this cooperative legislation that addresses real Oregon problems, and with today's passage in the House the bill is ready for consideration in the Senate," Walden added.


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