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Press Release - After 6 Years of Bush and DeWine, Ohioans are Worse Off

Location: Cincinnati, OH

After 6 Years of Bush and DeWine, Ohioans are Worse Off

CINCINNATI, OH -- President George W. Bush is scheduled to campaign for Republican incumbent Senator Mike DeWine today in Cincinnati in an effort to help the two-term incumbent's failing bid for re-election.

DeWine is running against Ohio Congressman Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who introduced plans to create jobs, provide affordable health care, education, and tax cuts to middle class families, and refocus our efforts on the war on terror.

Down in the polls since early summer, DeWine recently launched a series of attack ads in order to try to gain traction six weeks before Election Day. Despite outspending Brown and using misleading ads that distort the truth and attempt to hide DeWine's record, support for his campaign continues to falter.

DeWine and Bush are expected to discuss how their tax cuts for the rich have affected the economy. Middle class families don't remember receiving the more than $1 trillion in tax cuts, because they were overwhelmingly targeted to the top 1% and the cost-of-living for most Ohioans skyrocketed.

In Washington, DeWine supported the president more than 90 percent of the time, voting for legislation that led to job loss and stagnated wages, higher energy prices, rising health care and tuition costs, and a war in Iraq with no end in sight.

"Senator DeWine voted to give billions in taxpayer subsidies to oil and drug companies, corporations that outsource jobs, and billions in tax breaks to the richest one percent while abandoning Ohio's middle class," said Brown. "Next year the president's agenda includes social security privatization, more tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, and to stay-the-course in Iraq. He won't be able to get that done without buying Senator DeWine another term, and that's why he's in Ohio, again."

Today marked President Bush's third visit to Ohio to campaign for Senator DeWine's reelection - Bush has now logged more visits to campaign for Senator DeWine than any other congressional candidate this cycle [Loven, AP, 9/23/06].

"Senator DeWine admitted that Ohio families can expect more of the same from him, which must be music to the president's ears," Brown said. "Ohio's middle class families don't want more of the same. It is time for a new leadership in the United States Senate, and a new direction for Ohio."


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