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Patrick Murphy Stands with Seniors, Calls to Fix Broken Medicare Part D System

Location: Levittown, PA

Patrick Murphy Stands with Seniors, Calls to Fix Broken Medicare Part D System

Patrick Murphy, former captain in the U.S. Army, Iraq war veteran, and Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District, today announced his plan to fix the Medicare Part D prescription drug program while standing in front of BJ's Wholesale Food Club with local seniors and citizens enrolled in the program.

Friday marks the day that the average senior covered by Medicare Part D falls into the Doughnut Hole. The Doughnut Hole provides no coverage for annual prescription drug costs between $2,250 and $5,100. An estimated 3.4 million seniors will be denied coverage while still paying monthly premiums. As a result many seniors will go without necessary prescription drugs due to exorbitant costs, or will have to make major sacrifices.

Unlike Medicare, the Department of Veteran Affairs is able to negotiate with drug companies on behalf of veterans and their families. The VA can therefore provide drugs that are nearly 50% cheaper then those currently offered by Medicare. Patrick Murphy believes that we should immediately let the Government negotiate drug prices and use the savings to address the Doughnut Hole and reduce the cost of prescription drugs for seniors. Congressman Fitzpatrick refuses to support this plan because he's loyal to the pharmaceutical companies first - as they've given over $60,000 to his campaigns (Source:

"Everyone knows that buying in bulk saves money -- shopping here at a wholesale club is a great way for families to save while shopping for groceries. Similarly, when the federal government buys drugs for the 44 million seniors on Medicare, it should be no different," said Patrick Murphy. "Bucks County seniors deserve a real prescription that offers affordable prescription drugs."

"Congressman Fitzpatrick and the Republican Congress have had two years to find a way to fill the Doughnut Hole yet our seniors are still left without any answers. We need a change in Washington, and that starts by electing a Congressman who will allow Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices and close the Doughnut Hole," said Murphy.


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