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Washington Updates (7 Million Americans to Lose Prescription Drug Coverage)

Location: Washington, DC

7 Million Americans to Lose Prescription Drug Coverage

I strongly opposed the Administration's Medicare Prescription Drug program because I knew that it would leave far too many seniors and disabled people without the prescription drug coverage they need. Now, according to a new report released by U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Democrats, almost 7 million seniors and people with disabilities are at risk of losing coverage under the Medicare prescription drug program. In New Jersey alone, over 280,000 enrollees are at risk of losing coverage. This report shines a light on the Administration's failed policy, which is creating real financial hardship and potentially life-threatening choices for too many people who rely on Medicare for their prescription drugs.

This loss in coverage is due to what is called a "doughnut hole." This means that for certain plans, the cost of an enrollee's drugs are covered up to a certain point. Beyond that dollar amount, however, the enrollee must pay for their drugs out-of-pocket - they would be in the doughnut hole. This recent report shows that nearly 88% of new drug plan enrollees will be in the doughnut hole.

I voted against this program because it rewards big HMO's and pharmaceutical companies and hurts ordinary citizens. It has very serious problems that must be addressed. This report shows us how seriously the Administration's failures are hurting people. I will continue to work to fix this plan so that it provides real help for those who need assistance purchasing critical prescription drug.

For more information on the Doughnut Hole report from the Ways and Means Democrats, please click here.

To read the transcript of my recent Online Town Hall meeting on the Medicare Prescription Drug program, please click here.

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