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Press Release - Congressman Jeb Bradley Supports Tougher Border Control And Illegal Immigration Measures

Location: Manchester, NH

Strongly Disagrees with Carol Shea-Porter's Position that "Immigration is a distraction"

(Manchester, NH) - Today the U.S. House of Representatives is voting on legislation that will toughen penalties for illegal border tunnels (H.R. 4830), allow the Department of Homeland Security to detain dangerous illegal aliens beyond six months (H.R. 6094), and reaffirm the authority of state and local law enforcement to investigate, apprehend and transfer to federal custody illegal aliens (H.R. 6095).

"I strongly support these measures to protect our borders and to give our local law enforcement authorities the tools they need to protect our communities and enforce immigration laws," said Congressman Jeb Bradley.

"I disagree with my opponent, Carol Shea-Porter, who said on August 21 in the Laconia Citizen that ‘the immigration controversy is to distract us from a war gone wrong and other administration failures.' In my view, the events of September 11 have highlighted the vulnerability of our nation's borders. Strengthening homeland security is vital and is one of my top priorities. I have supported many measures intended to secure our nation's borders and reduce the threat that illegal immigration poses to our nation," said Bradley.

Since September 11, 2001, 38 illegal border tunnels have been discovered. One of those tunnels that extended from California to Mexico was found containing two tons of marijuana.

On April 24 in Foster's Daily Democrat, Carol Shea-Porter said "the government needs to exercise some compassion and the government should take a closer look at the companies hiring illegal immigrants and exploiting them."

"My views and those of Carol Shea-Porter's on illegal immigration are very different. In my view, illegal immigration hurts taxpayers and hurts immigrants who have to come to this country legally. I will continue to work in Congress to keep our borders secure," concluded Bradley.

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