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Press Release - Fortenberry Supports Border Security and Ballot Measures

Location: Washington D.C.

Fortenberry Supports Border Security and Ballot Measures
Strengthens Voter Identification Process, Border Security, and Local Law Enforcement Efforts

(Washington D.C.)- U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry supported efforts in the House to increase border security, as well as integrity in election processes.

"Stopping illegal entry and securing our borders is the first priority of orderly immigration policy," Fortenberry said. "These efforts are critical components of an aggressive strategy for border security."

Over the last week the House approved measures to require proof of citizenship in order to vote, create additional barrier resources on the border, increase criminal penalties for attempts to build illegal tunnels under the border, make easier the detention and deportation of illegal alien gang members, and clarify the ability of local law enforcement to detain illegal immigrants.

Legislation approved in the House yesterday and today included the Federal Election Integrity Act (passed 228-196), the Border Tunnel Prevention Act (passed 422-0), the Community Protection Act (passed 328-95), and the Immigration Law Enforcement Act (passed 277-140).

Fortenberry is a cosponsor of both the Community Protection Act and the Immigration Law Enforcement Act.

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