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Press Release - Woodcock on Access to Land for Sportsmen

Location: Augusta, ME


(AUGUSTA, Maine) - September 22, 2006 - "Back in April the Legislature voted to approve John Baldacci's Katahdin Lake Land Swap. I, along with many others - including the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine and the Maine Snowmobile Association - objected to this deal, which added more than 6,000 acres of land surrounding Katahdin Lake to Baxter State Park. All but 1,975 acres were closed to hunting, fishing and snowmobiling. I was one of only three members of the Maine Senate to vote against that land deal.

"My fears were that the 1,975 acres set aside for traditional use would also soon be lost to sportsmen. A recently-announced purchase of the land adjacent to this parcel by Roxanne Quimby confirmed my fears.

"Today, John Baldacci announced that a new road across public land will provide continued access to the nearly 2,000 acres placed in jeopardy by the Quimby purchase. This temporary fix is an attempt to ease the concerns of sportsmen across Maine, but this announcement falls short.

"John Baldacci's re-election campaign cannot spin this simple fact: Sportsmen in Maine have lost access to thousands of acres of land in the North Maine Woods under John Baldacci's Katahdin Lake Project. It was a bad deal for Maine people when John Baldacci signed the bill, and it is a bad deal today. This is yet another attempt to compensate for poor public policy."

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