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Statement from John Kerry on Howard Dean's speech at St. Anselm's

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Middle Class Family From Barrington, NH would pay nearly $3,000 more under Howard Dean
September  17,  2003

Unfortunately, Howard Dean once again stated he wants to repeal the tax cuts Democrats gave middle class families at a time when middle class families are taking too many hits already. 

Their health care costs are rising, their housing payments are higher, their jobs less secure, and college is costing more.

This would hurt those who most deserve our help - the hard-working, middle class Americans who have borne the brunt of the Bush bust.

For example, Ted Walsh and Maya Glos, a middle class family from Barrington, would pay nearly $3,000 more in taxes even as they try to get ahead and raise a family if Howard Dean has his way.  I believe we should give Ted and Maya a tax cut not a tax increase.

We can cut the deficit in half in four years, give Americans access to the health care coverage they need, invests in education and homeland security without putting a penalty on married people and without taking the child tax cuts the middle class needs. 

Howard Dean wants to correct George Bush's economic mistake by penalizing the middle class and that's wrong.

The problem with this economy is not that the middle class is making out like bandits. What George Bush has done to the middle class is wrong. 

And, unfortunately, what Howard Dean wants to do is wrong for our middle class families as well.  Putting real money into the pockets of the hard working middle class is true to our principles as Democrats - and right for the American economy.

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