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Candidate statement: Join Me In Support Of Giving Missourians A Raise This Labor Day

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Join Me In Support Of Giving Missourians A Raise This Labor Day
Posted by Claire
07:30 PM Aug 31, 2006

As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day weekend, many Missouri families will use the long weekend to barbecue, visit with family, and attend local parades. While Labor Day is a holiday to celebrate hard-working Americans and reward them with a day of rest, Missouri workers deserve more than a symbolic holiday this year- they deserve a raise.

The minimum wage in our country has not been increased since 1997, forcing many Missourians to work 2 or 3 jobs just to get by. It's embarrassing that in the strongest, best nation in the world that people who work full time for minimum wage make only $10,712 a year. Nobody can get by on that wage. Fortunately, Missourians will have the chance this November to honor our workers with an increase in the state minimum wage.

So this Labor Day, let's remember what's important. America has always been a country that has valued hard work. Unfortunately, many in our government, like Jim Talent, have turned their backs on those who work long, hard hours to keep our economy going. In fact, Jim Talent has cast his lot 11 times against Missouri workers, voting against increasing our shamefully low minimum wage.

It's time for our country to recognize the importance of all of our workers. I hope you join me this Labor Day in honoring hard-working Missourians by calling for an increase in the minimum wage. After years of indifference in Washington, Missouri workers deserve a Senator on their side.

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