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John Kerry Statement on Howard Dean's Comments on Hamas 'Soldiers'

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John Kerry Statement on Howard Dean's Comments on Hamas 'Soldiers'
September  12,  2003

In the wake of Howard Dean's statements last week on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many Democrats wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and dismissed his comments as the flippant remarks of an inexperienced politician.

But in going out of his way to term members of Hamas as "soldiers," Governor Dean insults the memory of every innocent man, woman, and child killed by these suicidal murderers.  Hamas militants are not soldiers in a war - they are terrorists who need to be stopped.

We live in a dangerous world and in an America at war.  One remark like this from the lips of a President would send the peace process into a tail spin and endanger innocent lives.  George Bush has shown that the Presidency is no place for on the job training - now Howard Dean has proved it.

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