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Newark Advocate - Speaking the Language of Small Business

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Speaking the language of small business
Sen. DeWine talks about tax cuts, opposes Rep. Brown's view

Newark Advocate
Mark Szakonyi

Sen. Mike DeWine chatted with residents about the importance of tax cuts for small businesses Saturday afternoon at The Fire House.

The Republican senator, who is seeking a third term on the November ballot, said he is opposed to increasing taxes and his Democratic opponent, Rep. Sherrod Brown, is not.

"Congressman Brown has argued that the tax cuts we have put in place only benefit the rich," DeWine said. "That's absurd."

DeWine said the tax cuts he has voted for have taken about 4.5 million of the poorest taxpayers off the tax rolls.

"We're here today because it is not only affecting the individual in their pocketbook, but it also affects job creation, and it affects small businesses," DeWine said.

DeWine said he chose to visit the public safety equipment store because he hopes to share his message with small-business owners.

Jim Larimer, owner of The Fire House, agreed with DeWine's view on tax cuts.

"Most of my customers are public safety people, police officers and firefighters that obviously do not earn high-end type wages, but I've noticed a definite spike in the money they have available to them," Larimer said.

The senator said another major difference between him and his opponent was that he voted for the newest version of the Patriot Act.

"What the Patriot Act did and continues to do is give law enforcement the tools it needs to fight terrorists," DeWine said.

If Brown had his way, the CIA and FBI would not be able to share information needed to fight terrorism, DeWine said. He also said Brown also voted 10 times to cut intelligence funding.

"The third difference between the two of us, candidly, is that I have demonstrated an ability to work with Democrats and Republicans alike to get things done," DeWine said.

Richard Wright, 46, said he supported the senator's tax cuts.

"I think anytime the government can give the money back to the wage earner and let them spend it where they want to spend it, it is good for the economy," said Wright, of Glenford.

DeWine said he was confident Ohio voters would realize the difference between him and his opponent.

"They will find that Sherrod Brown is out of the mainstream of Ohio politics and is not really in the mainstream at all, and I clearly am," he said.

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