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Barrow's First TV Spot of the Campaign Highlights a Record of Independence

Location: Savannah, GA

Barrow's First TV Spot of the Campaign Highlights a Record of Independence

Savannah, GA - 12th District Georgia Congressman John Barrow (D-Savannah) today debuted the first television ad of his 2006 re-election campaign. Entitled, "Believe In," the spot features Barrow speaking directly to Georgia's 12th District about his record of independence in the U.S. House of Representatives, highlighting the positions he's taken on important issues like the War on Terror, the death tax, and illegal immigration.

"When I went to Congress, I believed the most important thing I had to remember was who sent me there," Barrow says in the message. "That's why I stood up to leaders in my own party and opposed amnesty for illegal immigrants."

"They also didn't like it when I fought to get rid of the death tax, and when I stood firm on Iraq," Barrow continues. "We can't cut and run."

Earlier this year, the nonpartisan publication National Journal ranked Congressman Barrow as one of the most independent members of Congress. In an era of increasing partisanship and legislative gridlock in Washington, independent members of Congress play an increasingly vital role in shaping common sense legislation capable of passing both houses of Congress.

"I vote with my party when they're right, but not when I think they're wrong," Barrow said. "If this country is going to move forward on the issues that matter most to working families, the only members of Congress who can get results are those who can think for themselves and vote for their constituents."

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