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Perry Pays Tribute to Victims, Heroes of Terrorist Attack

Location: Corpus Christi, TX

Perry Pays Tribute to Victims, Heroes of Terrorist Attack

CORPUS CHRISTI - On the 5th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Gov. Rick Perry paid tribute to the victims and heroes of that day by helping dedicate a monument to Coastal Bend men and women who have served in the Global War on Terror.

"Such heroes should never be forgotten," Perry said. "They are the reason we hold memorial services, the reason we fight a war against an unrelenting enemy and the reason we build monuments."

Perry applauded residents of the Coastal Bend area, saying the memorial is an enduring tribute to the cause of freedom, and a tribute "to the victims of 9-11 and the heroes of this community who have gone into harm's way to protect the American way."

"As people visit this monument their thoughts will be directed to the enormity of what occurred on 9/11 and the great cost that has been borne since by the sons and daughters of the Coastal Bend," Perry said.

He noted that while Americans often see the most dismal reminders that we are at war, they must not forget the deeds of those who give of their lives to protect the American way.

"The solders, sailors and airmen in the Middle East and Asia are nothing less than extraordinary heroes," he said. "They wake up every day in a war zone. They operate every day with a great concern for innocent life. And they offer great compassion to a generation of people raised in brutality. They are soldiers in the greatest American tradition, honorable, professional, and always faithful."

Perry reminded the audience that while it is important that we fight the war on terror overseas, we must do everything possible to protect our own borders.

A porous border is an open invitation to terrorists and criminals to exploit America's freedom and to do harm to our democratic ways, he added.

"We owe it to all who died that tragic day five years ago to do everything within our power to prevent such a tragedy from happening again," Perry said. "That means winning the war on terror and securing our border."

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