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Culpeper Star Exponent - Board of Supervisors Asks for Support from Top Officials

Location: Unknown

Board of Supervisors Asks for Support from Top Officials

By Liz Mitchell
Culpeper Star Exponent

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Before town and county governing bodies asked for help on how to address illegal immigration locally, U.S. Congressman Eric Cantor, R-Richmond, sent a letter to members of both bodies Wednesday stating he stands ready to assist.


In Cantor's letter, he writes: "The federal government must stop the flow of illegal immigrants at the border to be able to effectively address the challenges presented by those who are already here illegally."

He added he supports: building a wall on the Mexican border; increasing the number of border agents; increasing penalties for businesses that employ illegal labor; and giving state and local police the authority to detain illegal immigrants for deportation.

Cantor states he opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and efforts to provide government benefits to them.

"Unfortunately, the majority of members in the United States Senate do not agree with me," Cantor writes. "So, we are temporarily at a stalemate in Washington. Frankly, I do not expect the Senate to come to its senses until after this year's election."


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