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In Honor Of The Fifth Anniversary Of September 11, 2001

Location: Washington, DC

IN HONOR OF THE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 -- (Extensions of Remarks - September 13, 2006)


* Mr. MATHESON. Mr. Speaker, this anniversary is first, last, and always, a day of remembrance. The shock and horror of that day has diminished. But the sorrow and sadness is still present in our hearts. The mountains of debris are gone from the place where the towers of the World Trade Center once defined the skyline. But Ground Zero and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, are burial grounds still, where grief is palpable. Two Utahns were aboard one of the hijacked planes that struck the first Tower; another Utahn died at his job in the Pentagon when a third jet crashed into it. People from many other countries also died that morning. In the hours and days following the tragedy, it seemed that much of the world mourned.

* The passing days brought much heartache and--ever so gradually--glimmers of hope. The heroes of 9/11--members of the New York and Port Authority police departments, and the New York City Firefighters--replaced the frightening images of the hijackers. From across this country, ordinary people put comfortable lives on hold in order to join the rescue and recovery effort. Twenty people were pulled alive from the debris. For a time, all Americans put aside their differences and united in the desire to make life better for the survivors.

* The families and friends of the victims of Ð9/11 will always--in the words of poet ee cummings ``carry your heart (I carry it in my heart).'' For the rest of us, a fitting tribute to their memory may be to renew our desire to put aside contention and partisanship. We honor them when we adopt their ``can-do'' spirit and strive--as one nation--to make America the beacon of hope it has always been.

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