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Novak: Lucas Should Take KY-4 "without trouble"

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Novak: Lucas should take KY-4 "without trouble"

In his column for Evans-Novak Political Report, conservative pundit Bob Novak wrote about the "bleak" outlook for House Republicans in 2006, saying "if the election were held today, the GOP would probably lose 26 seats and their congressional majority." (Novak, Evans-Novak Political Report, 8/23/06)

Among the 26 seats likely to be lost by the GOP is Kentucky's 4th district, which my campaign should win "without trouble." Novak categorizes as a "Likely Democratic Takeover." Just four GOP-held seats nationwide fall into this category, and the only other incumbent listed represents a neighbor district of KY04.

Several factors contribute to Davis' dimming electoral prospects and make KY04 a likely Democratic takeover. First, the political environment for the GOP nationally continues to worsen daily. Second, Davis' poor poll numbers prove his vulnerability, with two July polls - one by my campaign and independent media poll - showing my campaign with 14-point and 9-point leads, respectively. Finally, my campaign raised over $734,000 in its first five months, an astounding pace that continues unabated.

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