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"Prosecution of Enemy Combatants is an Important Step in Defeating Global Terrorism," says Lucas.

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"Prosecution of enemy combatants is an important step in defeating global terrorism," says Lucas.

COVINGTON, KY - Ken Lucas on Thursday expressed support for President Bush's proposal that would give Congress the opportunity to establish military commissions to put on trial unlawful enemy combatants.

"I am glad to see us finally moving forward with the prosecution of terrorists," said Lucas. "We must use all resources at our disposal to detect, capture, and bring to justice those whose singular mission is to kill innocent civilians. This is an excellent first step, but more is needed."

The Supreme Court ruled in June that the President's system of detaining enemy combatants was unconstitutional without a Congressional mandate. Bush's proposal could be voted on by the Congress this fall.

"In addition to establishing military commissions, we ought to update our wiretapping laws and other terrorist surveillance laws to improve our capability of destroying terrorist networks," continued Lucas. "We must get rid of the bureaucratic obstacles in our way to give the Administration, intelligence agencies, the military, and our local law enforcement groups across the country the tools necessary to win the War on Terror.

"It's been nearly five years since the terrorist attacks on our soil. Our government leaders need to recapture the cooperative spirit that followed in the wake of 9/11 to keep Americans safe in the 21st century. We have got to aggressively pursue terrorists to end their ability to cause death and destruction around the world."

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