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Congratulating Spelman College on Its 125th Anniversary

Location: Washington, DC

CONGRATULATING SPELMAN COLLEGE ON ITS 125TH ANNIVERSARY -- (House of Representatives - September 06, 2006)


Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, I thank Mr. Price for his cosponsorship of this, and also, I wanted to acknowledge my friends Mr. Scott and Mr. Gingrey for their cosponsorship, but I also wanted to say, many thanks to my friend JOHN LEWIS, the lead sponsor of this.

When he asked me to cosponsor the resolution commemorating Spelman College for their 125th anniversary, it was an easy ``yes,'' Mr. Speaker, and it was easy because I had an employee who is a Spelman graduate. Her name is Karen Robenson Boggans. She is not working with me anymore and, indeed, has gone on to bigger and better things, but I hope that I helped her on the pathway to the top. She is doing great things.

When she was my legislative assistant, Karen handled many issues. She was smart, intelligent, capable, task-oriented, focused and got the job done, and only because she was moving out of town did she leave our office. In fact, when she moved back to Savannah, I was able to get her to come back to work for us for a short period of time, and then she got a bigger calling one more time.

But if she is an example, and she is, of a Spelman graduate, it is a great institution, and I know it to be a great institution.

As Mr. Lewis pointed out: in 1881, when Spelman was started, it was a school for African American women because there were not many choices. Now there are lots and lots of choices, and yet Spelman still continues to show lots of leadership. It is still a great choice for women to go to this school because they learn how to be competitive, and they learn business, and they learn how to write, and they learn the basics of getting the job done. They are all over the world today. They are in 39 different countries and 42 different States. It is international in scope.

The funding for historically black colleges and institutions since 1995, under the leadership, I believe, of J.C. Watts, and as much as anybody, but good bipartisan leadership has increased 118 percent. Spelman College is an investment not just in historically black colleges and institutions but in America, because you are investing in your own people who will go on to become great leaders in our country.

So I am proud to stand as a cosponsor of this, and I thank the gentleman.

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