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Statement from John Kerry on Winning the Vote to Protect Overtime Pay

Location: Unknown

September  10,  2003

I am proud to announce that today with the work of tens of thousands of Americans who signed a petition and logged on to, working people have won the fight to stop George Bush from gutting our nation's overtime law.  Today the special interests and the lobbyists who set this Administration's agenda lost a fight over fundamental fairness to the workers who make America strong.

With the overtime pay of millions of Americans on the line, together we stood up to George Bush on the Senate floor with a petition signed by tens of thousands of hardworking Americans who had the courage to say 'no' to this Administration's outrageous effort to take America backwards. 

Together, we stopped George Bush and sent him a message that here in America we treat workers with respect and reward their hard work and honest labor.  Now, it's time we had a President who fights on the side of American workers instead of one who continues to turn his back on them.

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