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Welcome to the Waterworth for Congress Website!

Location: Unknown

Welcome to the Waterworth for Congress Website!

My name is Steve Waterworth and I'm running as a Democrat for United States Representative in Illinois' 18th Congressional District.

I decided to run for Congress because of the many problems facing our nation. Problems such as the Middle East quagmire, the national debt, the foreign trade deficit, increasing unemployment, age discrimination toward workers, lack of universal healthcare, loss of personal privacy, and the economic decline of rural America. All of these problems have escalated during the Bush administration.

With your support and my election to Congress I know that I can create a team of dedicated people to help me, who not only know the 18th District, but also have a better feel for what all of America needs. It's time to turn away from the divide and destroy tactics that so enrich the special interest groups that cater to the Republican leadership and begin to build a government that serves, and doesn't take from it's citizens.

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