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Bean and US Chamber To Highlight Flip-Flop on Labor for Labor Day Holiday

Location: Barrington Township, IL

Bean and US Chamber To Highlight Flip-Flop on Labor for Labor Day Holiday

McSweeney calls on Bean to have "misleading" ads pulled

Barrington Township: David McSweeney, candidate for Congress in Illinois' 8th Congressional District, is calling on incumbent Melissa Bean to pull the "misleading" ads being run on her behalf. Two weeks ago, a bi-partisan watchdog organization, compared US Chamber ads being run on behalf of Congresswoman Bean to phony "sweepstakes promotions".

"A couple of weeks ago Melissa Bean and the US Chamber were criticized for running a 'misleading' ad pointing out that the insurance benefits to small business claimed in the ad did not exist. There were also reports by some insurance providers of inquiries made by small business owners who had seen the ads thinking that the program was in place. Now, without regard to the truth, they continue to run the same ad," said McSweeney.

"I am calling on Melissa Bean and the US Chamber to pull these misleading ads. They are spreading false information and giving false hope to small business owners who may believe that Melissa Bean has solved their problem when in fact it does not exist. Melissa Bean did vote for the bill that she is given credit for in the ad but the irony is that minutes before she voted for the motion to 'recommit' or kill the bill," said McSweeney.

"At the risk of overusing the word 'irony', the US Chamber is running the ads because Melissa Bean barely cleared the bar by selling out her union supporters to get the Chamber's support. Previously, Melissa Bean had told the unions that she would vote against CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement). We also understand that Melissa Bean filled out a questionnaire stating that she would vote against 'NAFTA-like agreements'. Then she took money and support from the unions and after the checks cleared the bank she flip-flopped on the CAFTA issue and voted for it," said McSweeney.

"We now know what the price was for Melissa Bean's flip-flop; nearly one million dollars in 'misleading' ads funded by big business. The final irony is that the ads, bought at the expense of a labor betrayal, are running during the Labor Day holiday," said McSweeney.

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