Congressional Candidates File Fund-Raising Reports

By:  David Gill
Date: Sept. 1, 2006
Location: Unknown

Congressional Candidates File Fund-Raising Reports

Campaign-finance reports for the second quarter of 2006 show U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson with a substantial lead in fund-raising over his Democratic challenger, Dr. David Gill.

For the period April 1 through June 30, Johnson reported $15,619.99 in contributions from individuals and $39,575 from political party committees or political committees such as PACs.

His total receipts for the period were listed at $55,194.99, in a report to the Federal Election Commission. Total receipts for the 2006 election cycle to date were listed at $216,305.74

Gill listed receipts of $37,266.45 for the quarter and $124,839.04 for the election cycle. In a news release issued after the filing of the reports, Gill said he was "extremely proud of the way we continue to raise funds in an energetic manner. We're still raising funds at three times the pace of our first congressional campaign."

"I'm particularly pleased to find that more than 90 percent of our contributions come from ordinary citizens," he said. "I think this bodes well for this November, because it's citizens who will be going to the polls."

Johnson's press secretary, Phil Bloomer, said in response to a Daily Leader question that fund-raising is not one of Johnson's "favorite activities."

"He's not going to ask people for money he doesn't need to win this campaign," Bloomer said in responding to Gill's comments. Bloomer also noted that Gill has advertised in The Nation, considered a liberal publication.

In total contributions since the 2005-06 campaign began, Gill has received more than 92 percent of his funding from individuals, he said. He also opposed Johnson in the 2004 race in the 15th District

In the quarter that ended June 30, Gill said he raised $32,500 from individual donors, 88 percent of his total. Johnson received $15,600 from individuals, or 48 percent of his total.

A breakdown of contributions on the Web site, run by the Center for Media and Democracy and based on the FEC reports that candidates for Congress are required to file, listed Johnson as having spent $141,555 on the 2005-06 campaign as of June 30, with cash on hand of $118,905.

Opensecrets listed individual contributions of $70,713 to Johnson, or 36.4 percent of his totals and PAC contributions of $123,475, or 63.5 percent. By categories, 57.1 percent of Johnson's contributions for the election cycle came from business, 42.4 percent from labor and 0.5 percent from 'ideological/single issue" groups, according to a breakdown of contributors.

Johnson's largest contributions came from the Carpenters & Joiners Union, at $10,000. That was followed by Mid-West Television at $6,000 and, with $5,000 each, the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, Exelon Corp. and the Laborers Union.

Opensecrets listed Gill's largest contribution as $4,450 from the University of Illinois. He also received $1,151 from Eastern Illinois University and $1,000 from Montee for Auditor.

"Labor" includes money from union PACs, under the FEC listings, and "Business" includes money from corporations, trade associations, professional groups such as the American Medical Association, and other business PACs, according to opensecrets.

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