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Van Taylor Highlighted at TX State Republican Convention

Location: Unknown

Van Taylor Highlighted at TX State Republican Convention

Campaign Receives Boost from Party Entering General Election

WACO- - At the Texas State Republican Convention, Van Taylor, Iraq War veteran and Republican running for Congress in Texas' 17th District, was introduced to the nearly 5,000 delegates and alternates in attendance, and the 17th District race was highlighted by Congressman Pete Sessions in his address to the Assembly.

As Congressman Sessions addressed the convention wearing a Van Taylor for Congress lapel sticker, he spoke of the importance of electing Taylor to Congress:

"In 2004, many Republicans in Texas, including myself, ran challenging races in order to represent the true values of Texas and increase our majority, and Tom Delay was instrumental in making sure that our majority would grow.

Republicans picked up 6 new seats, and we welcomed Mike McCaul, Louis Gohmert, Ted Poe, Ralph Hall, Kenny Marchant and Mike Conaway to our delegation.

But in TX-17, Chet Edwards survived despite voting with liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi 75% of the time and against the Republican agenda of growth and strength time and time again.

This year we need your help and support for Van Taylor, to make sure that Chet joins Nick Lampson, Charlie Stenholm, Max Sandlin, Jim Turner, Chris Bell and of course Martin Frost in retirement."

"I have been overwhelmed by the support I've seen here at the convention, from people like Congressman Sessions to the delegates themselves," said Taylor. "It is these dedicated Republicans who will join me door to door and spread my message of faith, family and freedom."

As for the convention itself, Taylor was very well received and even embraced by many of the Attendees, "it's nice to meet so many people who have heard about our race and how hard we are working to restore conservatism to the 17th District," said Taylor. "I was in attendance to support our Delegates and do my part to help the party build momentum toward November."

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